Our dogs


The Females:


The Males:


The dogs we co-own

Afghan hounds:

Miniature dachshund:

  • Ygeia's Christmas Carol "Carol" (born 27.12.2007, Add-Sim's Make My Day MS / Wheel's Wee Wonder) Breeder: Dimitris Antonoupolos (Greece); Co-owners: Breeder & Oshanameh's
  • Sonderbar Rock With You "Saarah" (born March 2009, Sonderbar Say It Right /Sonderbar Sorry) Breeder: B. Hardy, AUSTRALIA Owner: Iren Naarits


The ones we miss...


  • Oshanameh El Gharib "Haana" (1983-1994)... "Haana" IS Oshanameh's.... we miss her deeply... more about her is written in our HISTORY section
  • Multi ch. Firesoul's Australian Boss "Bosse" (08.08.1990-26.10.2002)... "Bosse" was the leader of our pack of afghans until the very last day when we had to say good-bye to him... He was a wonderful dog at home and it was fun to enjoy the shows with him!
  • Multi Ch. Helisain Iwan Graff (brindle great dane male). 1996-10.07.2006
  • Ch. Oshanameh's All Babes Love Me "Freddy" 30.03.2000-02.11.2009