Oshanameh's All Babes Love Me



He was a very special boy for our family and it is very difficult to accept the truth that he is gone.... We went a long way together and hope he was happy the years he was back home.

Shown only 3 times after coming back to us (1 specialty and 2 INT shows), Freddy has incredible results to present:



What a way for him to prove his point regardless of the past he has had! Pictured above going BIS veteran at the Estonian Kennel Club international show.


Freddy is now oficially a veteran and is looking better than ever - first time out since he came back to us, he won BOB veteran and later also BIS VETERAN at the Kennel Clubs international Winner-08 show! 8 years old on the photo above!

MULTI CH Boxadan Double Trouble MULTI CH Boxadan Xercise Makes Master Ch. Windsurf's Brutus
Ch. El Khyrias X-Hansia
DKCH Boxadan Uptown Girl Ch. Boxadan Hopeful Harlequin
DKCH, INT CH Boxadan Danish Design
Ch. Boxadan I Better Ask Mom El Khyrias All Time High MULTI CH El Khyrias Zcoop Of The Year
S CH, N CH, INT CH El Khyrias Rag A Muffin
DK CH, S CH Boxadan Beautiful Dreamer DKCH El KhyriasThe Right Stuff
Boxadan Ups A Daisy


More photos of Freddy below:




16 months since clipping down all the matts... Freddy is doing a lot better now!




Freddy moving in the show ring at the World Congress specialty show in Belgium (2 years old), shown by breeder

9 weeks old with Sirje leaving for his new home...

and 5 years later coming back home to us...

Photos by Monica Kullarand, Estonian Afghan Hound and Saluki Club (AFSA)


Freddy came back to us in August 2005 in a very poor condition. For days we were not sure if he would even survive. I just sat with him with tears in my eyes, telling him I was sorry for ever sending him to that home and for not knowing he had been treated like that. He is missing 6 teeth now and his leg will never be 100% ok. But he will have a loving home with me for the rest of his life!

He now has learned to trust people again and has in such a short time made us totally fall in love with him! His coat of cause is now clipped (had to use narkosis for the procedure to spear the dog from any unneccecary pain) and we are moving on step-by-step...

Photos by Lea Aljas, Member of the Board of the Estonian Kennel Club

...a few days after clipping the coat Freddy is still not feeling well and the neck is still clearly swollen. However, the worst was behind us by that time! It took him two months until he was strong enough to finish eating his meals while standing up.

Freddy 6 years old - 7 months after coming back to our home.


Freddy has bred one litter at Joyful Symphony kennel in Estonia born 21.07.2002.

litter pedigree:

Ch. Oshanameh's All Babes Love Me MULTI CH Boxadan Double Trouble MULTI CH Boxadan Xercise Makes Master
DKCH Boxadan Uptown Girl
Ch. Boxadan I Better Ask Mom El Khyrias All Time High
DK CH, S CH Boxadan Beautiful Dreamer
Joyful Symphony Don't Ask Me Why CH Sonate's Flibbertigibbert CH Qamari's Rainbow Rider
INT CH Sonare's Reggae Okay
MULTI CH Oshanameh's Black Humour Boxadan As You Like
Oshanameh's Good Feeling


Freddy's daughter Joyful Symphony Emperor's Jewel "Lotta" (4 years old)