History of Oshanameh's

By Anne Naarits

I got my first dog in 1966 - it was a white standard poodle. With her I started a wonderful career at the shows and I don't even ecpect God to know the total kilometres we drove to the shows with her. But what was most impoerant for me at thet time - almost every time we were successfuo at the shows wherever we went! I have to admit - I have had a lot of luck with my dogs (I have also owned a german shepard and a collie). They have all had wonderful temperaments and have been successful show dogs.

During that time, Estonia was occupied by The Soviet Union and we had no idea what was going on behind the "iron curtain". Somehow I managed to order a dog magazine from Germany. For the period of one year I got all the issues of this magazine... and then the import of the dog magazine to The Soviet Union was prohibited... But still this was what changed everything! It was year 1969 and on the back cover of one of these magazines was a beautiful lady standing by a purple limo with this gorgeous dog. This dog was the afghan hound.

Stubborn as I was - I decided I had to get a dog like this one day.

... And in 1983 I finally made it!My classmate had moved to Germany and managed to persuade one of the breeders to sell a dog to "Russia". This is how Haana - Oshanameh el Gharib came to us. She was a real beauty compared to the other afghans here at that time! During this period there was no system of champions in the Soviet Union - the highest price a dog could get was the winner of the show. Haana won tens of shows all over the Soviet Union.

I will come back to the story of how we got Haana. When I look back to this, it seemes that the hardest was to persuade my husband into getting a new dog. He did not like the endless show trips so it took me two years until he finally agreed to take the dog... as long as it was only a pet, not a show dog...............

During the 80's nothing was available in Estonia - all of the stores were empty and the only way to get anything - even food or clothes- was to have good connections with people working in various places. Thanks to these friends we - me and my husband - managed to get permission to travell to Germany. It was a dream-come-true!!!! Everyone was jelous and we were among the few lucky people who got the permission to travel outside the Soviet Union - and we could buy anything we wanted. And off we went for Germany! ... And we bought - for all the money we were allowed to take with us (the total amount was specified and any extra penny was confiscated if found), we bought a DOG! All of our friends were in shock! My mother announced that the does not dear to tell anyone WHAT her daughter actually bought!

I got to see the temperament of the afghan hound already on the very first day. We left Berlin early morning, landed in St. Petersbourg and drove by car 360 km to Tallinn. We made several stops, but the puppy refused to "do" anything during these walks. Late that evening we finally got home. The puppy walked tail proudly high straight to our bedroom and jumped on the bed. Now... you can guess three times, WHAT she was doing there...

During the first year this precious foreight treasure managed to destroy everything she got between her teeth - even things that seemed impossible to reach for.

Haana lived to be 11 years old and these years unforgettable to me, my daughter Iren and son Martin. It was so hard to say good bye to such a personality. To honour her, I decided to name the kennel after her. This is where the kennel prefix Oshanameh's came from.

Owning afghan hounds has been a real challange and interesting experience for me. Up until I got Haana, I had beed training dogs for obedience and all in a sudden I ended up with this puppy that did not care for anything I said and had no remorse for anything she had done. Nothing that I tried - that would have made a german shepard puppy look in my eye and obey - seemed to work! And that look she gave me, walking away to the other room, when I went to her and wanted to pet her and she just was not in that mood at the time... How wonderful it was when we finally learned to understand each other and this is what made me to fell in love with this breed.

At the moment I have 4 dogs at home: Mammu - Boxadan I Better Ask Mom, Ariel - Oshanameh`s Ariel The Mermaid, Franky - Oshanameh's Beat About The Bush and the tiny baby Minky - Oshanameh's Créme De La Créme. My daughter Iren currently owns one afghan - Tweety - Boxadan Know Me To Love Me.

During the last year we had to say good-bye to our good friend and wonderful companion Bosse (Firesoul's Australian Boss).

The first 6 litters I bred under the prefix Oshanameh's, were bred together with my husband Ago. After his death in a car accident in 1996 my daughter Iren officially joined Oshanameh's and we have bred the last 3 litters together.


More coming soon.....